torsdag 24 januari 2013

Embarrasing... Is it not?

You sit at your desk, doing nothing... How can you do anything when someone is reading what you have written? Someone has gotten their hands on your work, maybe your stupidity gave that someone your work.... Whatever, doesn't matter now, you hope the person will come back saying nothing about the story, you fear the person will come back laughing at your story, you bet they will come back with critique, ripping on your favorite scenes.

Why is it so? That you feel embarrased about what you have written? Or is it embarrasing because you've put yourself out there, giving someone your work?

To be honest, it is not embarrasing because you know the reader will give you critique, harsh critique.
It's because what they are reading is a piece of your soul. Yes you read it right, you are Voldemort 2.0. Why is it a piece of your soul? You wrote about emotions (and perhaps moments in your life that you wanted to get away from, but couldnt), emotions you probably have shown before (unless, of course, you are Voldemort), like when you were a kid and mom refused to buy you candy, you felt (and showed) anger and sadness.
Your story is coming from a place where no one else but you has been at, your heart and your very intelligent brain. Now, one could argue that your loved ones has been at your heart, I dont care, they haven't been there the way you've been there, the way you are there, the things you do with it.

The only way to be a successful writer is to put yourself into these situations, how can you be a successful writer if you dont show anybody what you have written?
Good luck

torsdag 3 januari 2013

Dont think, just do it

Alright, picture this. You got 2 hours free and you want to write, you write for about 30 minutes before you get stuck, what happened? You probably stopped for a second thinking what to write, just dont think, let your fingers think for you, you didnt think the first 30 minutes, you just wrote with your fingers slamming the keyboard. If you find yourself being stuck not knowing what to write and you start thinking really hard, you should just freewrite, set the timer on 10 minutes and just write whatever comes up in your head. Not because you will actually write something that actually makes sense, it will mostly be "this is stupid but I'm doing it anyway", its for you to get up a momentum so that you can write without thinking "HEY! What should I write?" everytime you stop for a second while taking a sip of your glorious water.

onsdag 2 januari 2013

A change of pace

I've written 1000 words today, usually I write about 250 words a day. I should keep this up, currently I have a goal to finish a story that atleast got 7000 words until the 25th, a deadline of my own and a piece of cake if I keep this momentum and pace going.

(The reason I have a goal to finish a story that atleast got 7000 words is because my last story was 3500 words, 3500+3500=? And the reason its until the 25th is because I'm going to finish atleast a story a month).

tisdag 1 januari 2013

Read, goddammit

To get good at writing you need to read books, tons of books, not only good books but the bad ones aswell, any books at all. I dont care if you read the worst book in book history, you still learn something from it, however, that does not mean you shouldn't read all the good books, heres a list.

Ender's Game
The Hunger Games (series) (The books are better than the movie, I swear)
A Song of Ice and Fire (You'll love these series if you like people dieing)
Harry Potter (series) (Obviously)
Anything of  Stephen King's work (Especially those who were made during his alcohol and drug addictions, way more darker than anything else)
The Hobbit (Did you expect anything else from me?)
The Lord of the Rings (triology)
The Silmarillion
The Kingkiller Chronicle (series) (Awesome)
The Great Gatsby (I'd like to go in depth of this amazing novel but I would just be plagiarising from Crash Course:
The Tawny Man (triology)

I could go on, but I want to spend some time on actually writing my own novels and whatnot.

(In case  you wonder, no, I havent read all of the books in the list, yet.)

måndag 31 december 2012

Write whenever you can

You got 15 minutes before you are going to do something and you dont know what to do to waste the 15 minutes? Write. You might not achieve a lot in 15 minutes, but you will get some words on your story.

You cant control or stop time, but you can use it effectively without needing to stop the clock from ticking for an hour.

lördag 29 december 2012

I feel done

Last night I edited my story, 2nd draft, I feel done. 3500 words which is 14 pages, not so long but not something to thumb your nose at, once I feel like it I will translate it to English and then post it here.

Now for a tip, make your own goals, and meet it, its more rewarding than achieveing what other people might find impressive. That is something important when you just have started out writing, self motivate.


fredag 28 december 2012

Protagonists vs. Antagonists

Lets speak about protagonists and antagonists, what are their purpose, what does 'protagonist' and 'antagonist' mean?

Protagonists are the good character(s) you usually follow in movies/books (you can have more than one protagonist), their normal traits are usually good ones like for example they are usually badasses with an awesome background and usually very humble and nice to people (they have traits you wish you had or you have, it makes you like them more), even the antagonists they can sometimes be nice to. Sometimes the protagonist(s) have a traumatic past like for example, their wife/husband and child got killed by the bad guy (antagonist) which makes the readers like the protagonist(s) a lot more, sympathetic, that is. So the protagonists are the characters you love (for those who watches Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman is a protagonist that you sympathize and love, because he is a badass and also gotta do the hard work, ********SPOILERS********* for example kill people, which makes him damaged mentally *******SPOILERS********).

So what about the antagonists? What is their purpose, more than making the protagonists life miserable? (you can have more than one antagonist, but always have a main one, the baddest one) antagonists are the bad guys. Their usual traits are the bad ones, proudness, evilness and enviousness is probably the most used. Maybe they grew up with an abusive dad whose an alcoholic and when the antagonist grew up later killed that dad, basically they are pure evil. Technically, you should sympathize the antagonist but you just hate his/her guts.

Sometimes you can make a fake antagonist or a fake protagonist, basically you write them as the bad guy (antagonist), and then it turns out that bad guy is actually the good guy (or the good guy grows insane or something), and your protagonist is the bad guy (antagonist). And then instead of the protagonist chasing the antagonist, it's the antagonist chasing the protagonist. I like that, makes it special and not the usual "HES THE BAD GUY, THATS THE GOOD GUY" thing.

Something you shouldn't do is to make a chapter of your main antagonist, that's just stupid . Think of it like this, how would A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) be if G.R.R.M would have chapters of Littlefinger and Varys? Not so good, you would know everything before it actually happened.